Berwyn believes that popular music started with Abba and was eventually taken to another level by the Pet Shop Boys. When his home was burgled in 2000 he was relieved that his CD collection was not disturbed by the intruder...
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Grant has a passion for putting things into alphabetical order and studying train timetables – which is probably just as well as he’s retained by the Iris Prize team to look after the archive as well organising the travel for...
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Daisy Gould
Head of Marketing
Daisy joined the Iris team as an intern in summer 2016 whilst studying at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and her first Iris was the tenth anniversary festival. She leads the marketing for the festival throughout the year, working...
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Mark has been hanging around the Iris festival since the beginning and has hosted visiting film makers (including 2 winners) as a Friend of Iris.  Eventually we had to give him a job, particularly after working with him on Iris’s Education...
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Tom Selway
Festival Assistant
Thomas joins us fresh from the Cardiff Mini Film Festival. He previously presented and produced programming for Made in Cardiff TV and Radio Cardiff. He also hosted two of our Q&As at the Iris Prize Festival in 2017.
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Jody Tozer
Event Co-ordinator
Jody is charged with looking after all the events that happen at Iris, keeping guests busy outside of the cinema screens and making sure Iris keeps up its party reputation! She also looks after the Producers Forum and is a...
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Francis Brown
Iris Members Coordinator
Back in his formative teenage years there were very few films that featured any form of gay content. As a result, whenever anything was shown on TV or at the cinema Francis just had to watch; however bad or obscure....
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