Short Films

Watch Along – Iris Prize 1: We’ll Be Fine

54 mins

Difficult journeys lead to cathartic new beginnings and signs of hope just when they’re needed, in these four stories that say no matter what, “We are here, and we’re going to be okay.”   

Victoria | Daniel Toledo Saura | Spain | 8 mins
The Way We Are | Amanda Ann-Min Wong | Canada | 16 mins
Selma After the Rain | Loli Menezes | Brazil | 12 mins
THRIVE | Jamie Di Spirito | UK | 18 mins 


This is a live film screening which starts at 11am. Grab your popcorn and chat along with everyone else who’s watching, like you’re in the back row of the cinema.

Not able to make this screening? Don’t worry, you can catch it on demand once the livestream is over.