26 September 2019
'Wonder' is the story of Sammy, an 11-year-old who really doesn't want to go trick-or-treating as Iron Man. The Iris Blogger spoke to its writer and producer, Gabriel Furman (who also appears in the film) and its director Javier Molina about family, community and breakdancing at Bar Mitzvahs.
David Llewellyn
25 September 2019
I had only been working with the Iris Prize for a week when I was asked to write a blog post about the inaugural Student Showcase. Determined to be the best, most productive, and likeable intern of all time, I settled down at my desk to watch the films and reactivate my uni-drained creative juices.
Team Iris
18 September 2019
'Fikus' is the story of two friends and a pot plant, set against the backdrop of New Year's Eve celebrations in present-day Sarajevo. Its writer and director Andrej Volkashin spoke to the Iris Blogger about the film, his inspirations, and cinema in Bosnia & Herzegovina and his native Macedonia.
David Llewellyn
14 September 2019
'Outdooring' is a tense drama set within Los Angeles' Ghanaian community. The Iris Blogger spoke to the film's writer-director, Maxwell Addae, about culture, costume and the crime genre.
David Llewellyn
13 September 2019
With less than a month until we find out who has won this year's Iris Prize, we take a look back at Magnus Mork's 'Burger', the fourth short film to be directed by a winning filmmaker, and the cold November night in 2012 when the film was shot.
David Llewellyn
09 September 2019
'Black Hat' tells the story of a single, eventful night in the life of Shmuel, a Hasidic Jewish man living in Los Angeles. The Iris Blogger talked to its director (and Iris Prize alumni), Sarah Smith about the film.
David Llewellyn

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