21 August 2018
• “We must learn how to listen in this confusing and turbulent time for LGBT+ people”

• 13 feature films, 14 programmes of short films, talks, industry day, education day and a carnival to bring the 2018 film festival to a close

• AIDS – retelling the story for a new audience after almost 40 years since the world changed forever
By Berwyn Rowlands
13 August 2018
• 35 short films compete for the 2018 Iris Prize

• 20 countries represented bringing together films featuring contemporary dance, brutal violence and challenging stories about gender

• The £30,000 prize continues to be supported by The Michael Bishop Foundation
By Berwyn Rowlands
08 August 2018
• 15 short films - including one third from the Black and Asian communities - compete for Iris Prize Best British Award

• Pinewood Studios Group continue to offer the £20,000 award for Best British LGBT+ short film

• Bachelor 38 – becomes the 3rd film from Cardiff (home to the Iris Prize) and reminds us that even the gays get older!
By Berwyn Rowlands
28 June 2018
• Cardiff’s LGBT+ film festival reveals colourful illustration for 2018
• Illustrator Ana Jaks is a World Illustration Award winner
• “[The] illustration says ‘This is Iris’ far better than anything we could ever spell out with words”
By Berwyn Rowlands
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