29 November 2017
· 2017 Iris Prize winner Mikael Bundsen from Sweden to attend the Llandudno Junction based LGBT film festival
· Love theme adopted to celebrate Dydd Santes Dwynwen with stories about loving a bald man, the animated reality of loving a bear and a reminder of darker times in 1950s Yorkshire.
· 13 short films in the running for gold at the 2nd Iris Community & Education Short Film Awards
By Team Iris
24 October 2017
"Mae hwn yn gyfle anhygoel i gael straeon lesbiaidd, hoyw, deurywiol a thraws ar y sgrin fawr..."
“This is an amazing opportunity to get LGBT stories on the big screen..."
By Berwyn Rowlands
15 October 2017
Swedish director Mikael Bundsen wins international Iris Prize for Mother Knows Best (Mamma Vet Bäst)
“A brilliantly scripted and intense short film which uses a great economy of shots to tell a powerful and universal story.”

· Dionne Edwards’s film We Love Moses wins the Best British Award.

· Best Feature win for Prom King, 2010

· Miles Szanto and Fawzia Mirza win Best Performance Awards

By Team Iris
11 October 2017
• Major film festival starts six days of activity at Cineworld
• Guests and film makers from Australia, US, Israel, India, Hong Kong, Austria, Denmark, Brazil, Czech Republic, Spain, Ireland, England and Scotland arrive in Cardiff for annual LGBT film event

By Team Iris
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