Iris On The Move will be in Manchester Thursday 8th – Friday 9th February 2018.

“I’m delighted that Iris On the Move 2018 is visiting Manchester. This is not the first time that the Co-op Respect group has screened short films from the Iris Prize archive. This time however we are thrilled to see a more ambitious programme extended over two days including an education programme focusing on the next generation, introducing them to diversity through film and a fabulous party at On Bar in Canal Street. The relationship with Iris has evolved and in October 2017 I was honoured to be a member of the Iris Prize Best British Jury in Cardiff. As a jury we were presented with 15 amazing British short films, dealing with diversity and LGBT issues, and you will get to see the best of the best here in Manchester, together with favourites from the international competition including the Iris Prize winner Mother Knows Best. Enjoy Iris on the Move: Manchester!”

Neil Moffatt
Co-op Respect