Lynne has been involved with the Iris Prize Festival for a number of years in a professional and personal capacity, and had been helping the team with Welsh language copy and  working with Francis on membership developments.
Lynne loves rugby, cats, languages, and film.  She’s worked with words for a very long time, and has also taught others how to use words ‘properly’, in Welsh and in English.  She regularly corrects her friends’ grammar, especially those misusing less and fewer, and other who get their treigladau mixed up.  (No names mentioned!)
She first met Berwyn and Grant when working as a freelance journalist.  Having called Berwyn to discuss a film that was showing at the Aberystwyth International Film Festival, he asked her to call back later and ask for Mr Vidgen the Pigeon…  This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
When not watching rugby or films, Lynne can be found either teaching Welsh at the University of South Wales, or running her own communications business, gofal gair.  Her favourite film is Casablanca, and her favourite rugby player is Ken Owens.