18 October 2016
Historic double win for BALCONY at Iris Prize 2016
UK director Toby Fell-Holden wins international Iris Prize and Best British Award
“A powerful film where not a single moment of its 17 minutes was wasted”.
Amazing birthday gift from Lord Glendonbrook
Best Feature win for Real Boy
Downriver, directed by past Iris Prize winner Grant Scicluna wins Best Male and Best Female performances
By Team Iris
15 October 2016
We are delighted to announce that our friends at BBC Wales have secured the TV premier of Balcony, the popular 2016 Iris Prize winner by Toby Fell-Holden. It will then be available on the BBC iPlayer for 30 days.
By Team Iris
13 October 2016
The Iris Prize partners with the Co-op’s Respect LGBT Network.
By Team Iris
07 October 2016
Unique immersive experience of award winning photographer Jon Pountney work to celebrate a decade of Iris prize film productions
By Team Iris
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