Iris Prize 2019

Carlito Leaves Forever

DIRECTOR: Quentin Lazzarotto
WRITER: Quentin Lazzarotto
Peru/France/Spain, 8 mins

In the heart of the Amazon jungle, on the banks of the Madre de Dios (the “Mother of God” river), the village of Palma Real resists the modern world. Nomadic in origin but Christianised by colonial force, the community’s pagan customs persist. Carlito, a quiet young man, has lived here all his life, until, one day, he decides to leave. 

He bids goodbye to his grandmother and no-one else, and sets out onto the river in search of happiness and freedom. 

Programme | Modern Love | Cineworld Screen 15 | Fri 11 Oct 12pm

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Quentin Lazzarotto grew up in Haut Jura, a mountainous and forested region of France where he made some of his earliest videos and documentaries. A lover of science, he joined the prestigious Institut Henri Poincaré in Paris in 2012 to found an audiovisual centre whose purpose is the dissemination of knowledge in mathematics and physics, astronomy, computer science.

Carlito Leaves Forever is his second short professional fiction film.

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