22 January 2018
• Katie White appointed Iris Prize patron

• “Sometimes in life you stumble upon something you don't realise will change your life. Iris was my 'something'”

• As a straight woman Katie will help make sure that Iris can be relevant and reach out to all areas of our community and friends.
By Berwyn Rowlands
08 January 2018
· Submissions are now open for the 2018 Iris Prize Festival, with a total prize fund of £50,000
· Iris Prize at £30,000 supported by The Michael Bishop Foundation continues to be the world’s largest LGBT short film prize
· Could you be the next Dee Rees - the inaugural winner of the Iris Prize in 2007, who is tipped for OSCAR recognition?

By Team Iris
29 November 2017
· 2017 Iris Prize winner Mikael Bundsen from Sweden to attend the Llandudno Junction based LGBT film festival
· Love theme adopted to celebrate Dydd Santes Dwynwen with stories about loving a bald man, the animated reality of loving a bear and a reminder of darker times in 1950s Yorkshire.
· 13 short films in the running for gold at the 2nd Iris Community & Education Short Film Awards
By Team Iris
24 October 2017
"Mae hwn yn gyfle anhygoel i gael straeon lesbiaidd, hoyw, deurywiol a thraws ar y sgrin fawr..."
“This is an amazing opportunity to get LGBT stories on the big screen..."
By Berwyn Rowlands
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