Iris Prize

supported by The Michael Bishop Foundation

Previous winners of the Iris Prize are:
2007 – Dee Rees (USA) for her short film Pariah
2008 – Till Kleinert (Germany) for his short film Cowboy
2009 – Eldar Rapaport (USA) for his short film Steam
2010 – Magnus Mork (Norway) for his short film The Samaritan
2011 – Daniel Ribeiro (Brazil) for his short film I Don’t Want To Go Back Alone
2012 – Grant Scicluna (Australia) for his short film The Wilding
2013 – Tim Marshall (Australia) for his short film Gorilla
2014 – Brendon McDonall (Australia) for his short film All God’s Creatures
2015 – Arkasha Stevenson (USA) for her short film Vessels
2016 – Toby Fell – Holden (UK) for his short film Balcony
2017   Mikael Bundsen (Sweden) for his short film Mother Knows Best


Best British Short

sponsored by Pinewood Studios

Previous winners of the UK Best Short are:
2007 – Abbe Robinson for her short film Private Life
2008 – Connor Clements for his short film James
2009 – Aleem Khan for his short film Diana
2010 – Ana Moreno for her short film Mosa
2011 – Andrew Steggall for his short film The Red Bike
2012 – Fabio Youniss for his short film A Stable for Disabled Horses
2013 – Jay Bedwani for his short film My Mother
2014 – Charlie Francis for his short film Middle Man
2015 – Lloyd Eyre-Morgan for his short film Closets
2016 – Toby Fell – Holden for his short film Balcony
2017 – Dionne Edwards for her short film We Love Moses


Best Feature

The previous winners of the Iris Prize Best Feature Award are:
2008 – Dream Boy (USA) directed by James Bolton
2009 – Redwoods (USA) directed by David Lewis
2010 – My Friend from Faro (Germany) by Nana Neul
2011 – August (USA) by Eldar Rapaport
2012 – Sex of Angels (Spain) by Xavier Vilaverde
2013 – Cupcakes (Israel) by Eytan Fox
2014 – Boy Meets Girl (USA) by Eric Schaeffer
2015 – Fourth Man Out (USA) by Andrew Nackman
2016  – Real Boy (USA) by Shaleece Haas
2017 – Prom King, 2010 (USA) by Christopher Schaap


BEST performance in a male role

2011 – Murray Bartlett (Troy) in August
2012 – Ohad Knoller (Yossi) in Yossi
2013 – Ryan Steele (Chip) in Five Dances
2014 – Michael Welch (Robby) in Boy Meets Girl
2015 – Davide Capone (Davide) in Darker than Midnight (Piu Buio Di Mezzanotte)
2016 – Tom Green (Anthony) in Downriver
2017 – Miles Szanto in Teenage Kicks


BEST performance in a female role

2011 – Allison Lane (Candy) in Going Down in La-La Land
2012 – Kristina Valada-Viars (Molly) in Molly’s Girl
2013 – Sabine Wolf (Katja) in Two Mothers
2014 – Kate Trotter (Alise) in Tru Love
2015 – Sigrid ten Napel (Anna) in Summer (Zomer)
2016 – Kerry Fox (Paige Levy) in Downriver
2017 – Fawzia Mirza in Signature Move


Youth JURY Award


2013 – Straight With You (Netherlands) by Daan Bol.
2014 – Bombshell (USA) by Erin Sanger
2015 – Closets (UK) by Lloyd Eyre-Morgan
2016 – Sign (USA) by Andrew Keenan-Bolger
2017 – Lily (Ireland) by Graham Cantwell